Nara Ikumi

PhD Student
Mercè Rodoreda Building

Currently, I am a PhD student enjoying the world of research.

We are examining how the brain undergoes the selection of which cross-modal information, received through different sensory modalities, would be adjusted in time in order to form coherent representations of the environment.

Specifically, we would like to map the relation between top-down mechanisms and stimulus-driven processes being involved in the resolution of synchrony during audiovisual binding.

I am also interested in examining the cortical neural dynamics (EEG) of the temporal adjustment mechanisms and the role that active motor interaction with the environment might have on perception of simultaneity. Causality (by sensory events arising from actions) might be a prerequisite to re-align for example the timings of the sound of our footsteps while walking or the visual, tactile and auditory information while playing the piano.