Dr. Manuela Ruzzoli obtains a Juan de la Cierva fellowship

Dr. Manuela Ruzzoli, postdoctoral researcher at the MRG, has been awarded a Juan de la Cierva fellowship 2012 (JCI-2012-12335) from the Spanish Government.

Manuela’s research interests involve perceptual processing, multisensory integration and attention. In other words how the brain builds internal representations of sensory information from the external world in the context of complex, real-world environments, where observers’ internal state such as expectation and goals, dynamically interact with stimulus driven factors. Manuela’s research projects involve several methodological techniques such as behavioural measurements, electro encephalography (ERP and EEG) and magnetic brain stimulation (TMS).

For the next 3 years, she will keep working to Prof. Salvador Soto-Faraco’s side in the MRG at the Center for Brain and Cognition in Pompeu Fabra University.