Talk by Prof. József Fiser

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Fri, 11/04/2014 - 12:00

CBC Seminars

József Fiser, from Central Europe University of Budapest (Department of Cognitive Science), invited by Gustavo Deco (CNS Group)

Title: Sampling: a probabilistic approach to cortical representation and computation


I will present a framework and a combined empirical-computational program that explores what cortical neural representation could underlie our intelligent behavior. I will start with showing how probabilistic internal representations could be implemented in the cortex in a sampling-based manner, and how this can explain a wide range of puzzling observations such as illusions and dreams, as well as the recorded trial-to-trial variability in neural responses, and high level of spontaneous activity in the brain.  Next, I provide a confirmation of this framework by demonstrating that as young animals grow, the visually evoked and spontaneous activity in their brains becomes statistically similar, indicating how their internal model gets tuned to the structure of their environment. I will also provide evidence that these changes are related to sensory experience rather than simply to developmental programs.  Finally, I will show how the framework can be extended to decision making and attention, including comparisons to traditional models (integration-to-bound, etc.) and accounts for hitherto unexplained experimental findings in the literature. 

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FridayApril 11st, at 12:00


Campus de la Comunicacio UPF, C/ Roc Boronat, 132. MAP
Edifici 52 (Ed. Roc Boronat), room 52.S25

Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

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Metro: Llacuna or Poblenou <L4>, Glories <L1>, Tram: Ca l’aranyó [T4]