Talk by Prof. Nicola Bruno

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Thu, 24/04/2014 - 18:00


CBC Seminars


Nicola Bruno, from University of Parma (Department of Neuroscience), invited by Luca Bonatti (RICO Group)


Title: Mr. Fantasctic meets Thing T. Thing: Two multisensory illusions reveal a dissociation between implicit and explicit representations of the body


There is ample evidence that the brain maintains multiple representations of the body and that these are heavily based on perception. We used two multisensory illusions, the hand-held Ames' window (Bruno et al, 2006and the fake-hand illusion (Botvinik & Cohen, 1998;  Bruno & Bertamini, 2010to investigate whether representations of the body can be enlarged, shrunk, or both enlarged and shrunk, as a consequence of multisensory stimulation. Our results suggest a dissociation between explicit representations, which are tapped by matching methods or verbal reports and seem to be plastic in both directions, and implicit representations used to guide movements, which seem to enlarge but not shrink. Our findings provide a way to reconcile seemingly contradictory reports on the plasticity of body representations.

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FridayApril 24th , at 18:00


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Campus de la Comunicacio UPF, C/ Roc Boronat, 132. MAP
Edifici 52 (Ed. Roc Boronat), room 52.101

Universitat Pompeu Fabra.


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Metro: Llacuna or Poblenou <L4>, Glories <L1>, Tram: Ca l’aranyó [T4]