Talk by Prof. Luca Surian

Event Date: 
Fri, 19/09/2014 - 12:00

CBC Seminars

Luca Surian, from Department of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences in University of Trento (Italy), invited by Albert Costa (SPB group)


Title: Infants' sense of fairness: evidence from their reactions to antisocial and prosocial actions.


In this talk I will present a study that investigated whether 10-month-old infants react differently to events that instantiate punishments performed towards fair and unfair agents. Infants were familiarized with two simple geometrical shapes that distributed resources to two identical possible recipients. One agent always distributed the goods equally, while the other always performed an unequal distribution by giving everything to one recipient.  In the test phase, infants than saw a human hand hitting either the fair or the unfair distributor.  Infants’ looked reliably longer at the later event.  In a second experiment, a different antisocial action was performed and, like in the first experiment, infants looked longer when such action was directed towards the unfair agent. I will discuss these results in the context of our previous findings on infants’ emerging sense of fairness and sensitivity to indirect reciprocity and argue that the available evidence supports the view that human infants possess a tacit socio-moral competence that is acquired independently of linguistic experience and domain-general learning mechanisms. 






Friday, September 19th, at 12:00



Campus de la Comunicacio UPF, C/ Roc Boronat, 132. MAP
Edifici 52 (Ed. Roc Boronat), room 52.S25

Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

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Metro: Llacuna or Poblenou <L4>, Glories <L1>, Tram: Ca l’aranyó [T4]