Talk by Prof. Stanislas Dehaene

Event Date: 
Fri, 04/09/2015 - 16:00

CBC Seminars


Stanislas Dehaene, from INSERM-CEA Cognitive, Neuroimaging Unit, Paris (France) invited by Luca Bonatti (RICO Group)


Title: ​Decoding the time course of conscious and unconscious operations


Abstract: Parsing a cognitive task into a sequence of successive operations is a central problem in cognitive neuroscience. A major advance is now possible thanks to the application of pattern classifiers to time-resolved recordings of brain activity (electro-encephalography [EEG], magneto-encephalography [MEG], or intracranial recordings). The method determines precisely when a specific mental content becomes explicitly represented in brain activity. Most importantly, how the trained classifier generalizes across time and experimental conditions sheds light on the temporal organization of information-processing stages. I will illustrate these ideas using several MEG+EEG experiments in which temporal decoding is used to track the fate of conscious and unconscious stimuli in the brain. Decoding clarifies the time course of several classical phenomena such as masking, blindsight, attentional blink, and psychological refractory period. All of these paradigms give converging results, suggesting that conscious perception is associated with the late formation of a distributed and metastable neural assembly that encodes the current subjective state of mind.


When: (non-standard hour!)

Friday, October 4th, at 16:00 



Campus de la Comunicacio UPF, C/ Roc Boronat, 132. MAP
Edifici 52 (Ed. Roc Boronat), room 52.S25

Universitat Pompeu Fabra.


How to get there:

Metro: Llacuna or Poblenou <L4>, Glories <L1>, Tram: Ca l’aranyó [T4]