Talk by Prof. Carles Escera

Event Date: 
Fri, 23/10/2015 - 12:00


CBC Seminars


Carles Escera, from Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behavior (IR3C), University of Barcelona, invited by Albert Costa (SPB Group)


Title: The role of the auditory brainstem in regularity encoding and deviance detection


Abstract: Modern views of auditory perception hold that the auditory system tracks the ongoing dynamic auditory environment creating a representation of the past to derive predictions about the future. Discrete unexpected events that do not fulfill the prediction elicit prediction-error signals that drive the network’s adjustment. A typical prediction error obtained through recordings of the human EEG is the so-called Mismatch Negativity (MMN) component of the auditory evoked potential, which is generated with a peak latency of about 100-150 ms in the auditory cortex. Recent results obtained in our laboratory have disclosed correlates of prediction errors at much earlier latencies and located in hierarchically lower anatomical regions, paralleling results from single unit studies in animals. In particular, we have shown that stimuli violating regularities for pitch, location, intensity, and timing elicit enhancements of different components of the Middle-Latency Response (MLR) at latencies as short as 20-40 ms from change onset. Moreover, by using functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging and the complex Auditory Brainstem Response (cABR), an evoked potential generated in the subcortical auditory pathway, we demonstrated the involvement of the inferior colliculus and the medial geniculate body of the thalamus in regularity encoding (prediction representation) and deviance detection (prediction error signals) in humans. The talk will review these and current studies demonstrating the contribution of the subcortical auditory pathway to the mechanism of auditory perception.



When :

Friday, October 23rd, at 12:00



Campus de la Comunicacio UPF, C/ Roc Boronat, 132. MAP
Edifici 52 (Ed. Roc Boronat), room 52.S25

Universitat Pompeu Fabra.


How to get there:

Metro: Llacuna or Poblenou <L4>, Glories <L1>, Tram: Ca l’aranyó [T4]